Vision Statement

We exist to form leaders by loving God through establishing Trinity, family and socially focused churches and by leading disciples through equipping family, ministry and community centered servant-leaders to reach and serve all nations for Jesus.

Vision Foundation: This vision is founded in both the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:37-39) and the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20)

Vision Slogan: “Everyone a Leader who Loves God and Leads Disciples to All Nations.”

Vision Tagline: “Love God . Lead Disciples”

Mission Statement

We lead disciples to BELONG by encountering God and have a living and meaningful life with Him in His Church. BELIEVE by educating them to be Christlike Disciples. BECOME by empowering them to be Family, Ministry and Community Leaders.

Mission Slogan: “We lead disciples to BELONG to God and His church, BELIEVE in His Word and teachings, and to BECOME servant leaders.”

Mission Tagline: “Belong . Believe . Become”


The official FJC logo symbolizes the vision, mission and values of the church.

Heart shape FJC words – symbolizes love for God and people.

3 dots – symbolizes lthe object of love: God (Trinity), Family (Father, Mother, Kids), Community (Cell Group) and Country (Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao).

Circle – symbolzes world harvest

Filipiniana colors – symbolizes a Filipino Christian Church Reaching out to the whole world.

FJC 20/20 Vision

  • City Conquest – reaching out to cities by conquering houses, campuses and offices
  • There is Hope – holistic evangelism and outreach to the needy, underprivileged and oppressed people by networking with international partners and organisation
  • NETworks – big net events and services for all the AGEnets (Men of Faith, Women of Multiple Blessing, Singles with a Mission, CYOD & KOD).
  • Campus Revolution – planting of national and international networks reaching out to hundreds of campuses.
  • Marketplace Revolution – evangelism, outreach and development of your professionals who will be the next movers and shakers (bossing) of the nation in ministry, business, showbiz, sports, and politics.
  • Media Outreach – national and international media and multimedia evangelism and discipleship. This is where we will be making podcast, films and other media outputs for the glory of God.
  • iCare – consolidation system and programs to care, maintain and deepen VIPs. Also the development of our PEP system.
  • Faith Pavilion – a five-story FJCWH headquarters equipped with large auditorium, high-tech offices and a mini-hotel. 1st floor parking area, 2nd floor auditorium, 3rd floor offices, 4th and 5th floors library, prayer rooms and mini-hotel.
  • Project David – development of professional full-time office staff who will be coordinating the national and international movements of FJC.
  • FJC Systems – highly researched, developed and functional church ministry and administrative systems.
  • 144 Leaders – discipleship, training and development of our G12, 144 and 1728 leaders.
  • 2,000 Faith Groups – evangelistic cell groups groups nationwide.
  • Miraculous 5 (M5) – raise up the next generation faithful, fruitful and well trained ministry specialists such as apostles (missionaries), prophets (intercessors), evangelists, pastors and teachers.
  • Basic Training – development of our SOL, SOT and SOV.
  • Advanced Training – Bible School training and development of the M5 through the help of the Asian Center for Theological Studies.
  • 50 FJC Outreaches – national and international church planting.
  • Principles in Life Publications – publishing of inspirational, discipleship and training of FJC.
  • Daily Prayer Movement – everyday all FJC people will offer intensified prayers to God for ourselves, family, church, nation and world harvest.
  • Prayer Mountain & Re-Creation Center – 20 hectares at Tagaytay equipped with a large worship centre, prayer fields and rooms, camp areas, agricultural/plantation field, school and missionary guest houses.
  • All Nations Missions Network – missions agency that will train, develop and send out tentmaking G12 missionaries to plant cells, churches, organizations to SEA and the rest of the earth. It will also conduct Love Missions with specialised ministries like medical, dental and other related humanitarian services.