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By Christian Philip Angel


When I was asked by one of my friends, what’s one thing I will continue doing this new year, and I answered, to travel. Traveling and going places is one of the amusing avocations I am fond of doing. In fact, when I had my first international trip last 2016, I aspired to go further, to experience other cultures, to taste different dishes and satisfy my gastronomy. To meet new people and make friends. Travelling, whether internationally nor locally is one sure thing I would keep in my bucket list.


I know that I am not such wanderlust compare to others out there but as a young adult, going places is definitely a joy to me. This is where a portion of my salary will be allocated. As a matter fact, a lot of travel blogs I read transcends a similar message and that is to “travel young, & not to squander the time.” And every time I get to read these blogsters, they are like yelling me this phrase, “just travel, do it!”

But I am not just an earning young adult, I am a believer in Jesus Christ. And having a relationship with Him has taught me to make wiser decisions especially in my use of time, finances & potency. While, going places is fun to do, & I learned that going somewhere is another thing & its enjoyment, but going places with a purpose is something else.

That’s why this realization when I get to see a clearer picture of what God’s want me to do better, has brought me to this cause of my involvement in missionary escapades. I get to experience not just the fun of traveling but also the bliss of being able to make use of my time & resources in such way that pleases Him. All the more it is fulfilling whenever you get to do it with other young professionals who have the same passion for fulfilling the greatest commission & that is to “Go & make disciples!” (Matthew 28:19-20).


To this end, while traveling is still worth for me to shell out of, doing missions work together with those who have the same love for other people is all the more of its significance.

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