How are we making disciples as we go our digital ways? Are we getting our offline discipleship efforts online? This is about using the tools “as we go” and make disciples: to welcome people to Christ and teach them to obey him.

By Tr. Mitch Gustilo
Are you sowing now to reap a great harvest? Experiencing the joy of harvest means doing our part with faith and depending on God’s grace for the harvest.

By Alfred Garcia
Ask God for a team of people with the same vision, spirit, and passion to help you in reaping the harvest of success that God wants you to have. Remember “It takes TEAMWORK makes the DREAM WORK.”

By Christian Philip Angel
While traveling is still worth for me to shell out of, doing missions work together with those who have the same love for other people is all the more of its significance.

By Pastor Josephine Lopez
Jesus made the most important invitation in Matthew 28:18-20. He even told us the extent of his authority, under which this endeavor will operate

By Dr. Maria Jesusa Hemedez
We are placed in a season not just to wait in vain for a suitable partner, or to spend all our time and effort on our career, nor to fulfill our bucket list.

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