The Birth

Faithful Jesus Church (FJC) has its share of humble beginnings. In 1995, the church started as a small home Bible study group with seven members at the Hizon Family residence situated at the Manggahan railroad in front of Susana Heights. The church was literally a “church along the riles.” The Bible study group was planted by Tr. Mitch Hemedez who was then in search of God’s call for her life. Even if the church was small it had great dreams of transferring to the city proper.

The Transition

After a year has passed, come 1996, the small home Bible study multiplied to around four (4) separate groups. Thus, the group was the great need to transfer to the city proper because most of those attending the groups were from those areas. The church had no financial supporters and even full-time workers. But it persisted to stand up on its own and pursue God’s agenda. The group then transferred to a small house near Andok’s Lechon Manok at Baranggay Poblacion. The transition brought signs of growth for the attendance grem from 7-20 people. Kuya Toto (Cesar) Gustilo then came to the scene and offered help to the church.

The Formation

Through the shared leadership of Kuya Toto and Ate Mitch, FJC started growing. The place at the back of Andok’s Lechon Manok became insufficient. Thus the need to transfer to a larger place. In 1997, the church transferred to the Espejo’s compound near Ultramega Supermarket. The place was a former beer garden. Kuya Toto and Ate Mitch for married. After which Kuya Toto took leadership of FJC as its Senior Pastor. This was also the year where the vision to reach out to the families was received by Pastor Toto. Thus the birth of the slogan: “Pamilyang mula sa Diyos, para sa Tao!” Also the first leadership team was born. Pastor Mitch took the post as Associate Pastor with Bro. Sonny Rodelas, Sis. Jean Hizon and Sis. Dory Hemedez as Board of Deacons.

The Expansion

In January 1998, the church was registered under the SEC as a “religious society.” The next year it received church covering from the Lord Jesus Bible Church through the oversight of Pastor Gonzalo Sison.

The growth continued from June to December 2000 the Worship Services were held at the Muntinlupa Cosmopolitan School. While conducting worship services there plans to have a more permanent place for worship and ministry. In December 19, 1999, FJC took a major step of faith by transferring to Faith Pavilion at Baranggay Tunasan. Only Midweek Services were conducted on the new place. It was on January 2000 that the church fully transferred to the new place. Ministries were organized and the first ministry leaders were instituted.

In March 5, 2000, FJC Muntinlupa saw the need to start its first outreach. The prospect was the Abao Family in Canlubang. While attending worship service in the main church, people attendance was adding. Pastor Toto together with the Canlubang team decided to formally start its Sunday Worship Service.

Up until this day the vision of growth becomes much clearer. The central church alone has planted six outreaches, garnered 500 plus attendance, and started 50 cell groups. Thus, families are being continuously saved.

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