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By Dr. Maria Jesusa Hemedez


Bishop TD Jakes, once said, “The most wonderful thing in the world is somebody who knows who they are and knows what they were created to do.” As a single person (a student or a young professional) we are placed in a season not just to wait in vain for a suitable partner, not just to spend all our time and effort on our career, and not just to do our YOLO [You Only Live Once] dreams by fulfilling our bucket list. We are to maximize our potentials in
our season of singleness!


Here are practical tips on how we can maximize our singleness for God’s pleasure:

  1. Learn a New Skill — for me one of the necessary skills is “driving.” It boosted my confidence, modified my decision-making and, enhanced my patience. During traffic, I utilize my time worshipping or talking to God while envisioning His plan for my life. I thought this skill is just for my personal benefit or my family’s only, little did I know that I would be able to use my car to go and meet with people whom I can share God’s Word with. Besides driving I also learned to cook new dishes and to bake sweet delights which I share to people I meet in my discipleship groups.
  2. Live in Community – maximize your singleness by pursuing community. Be accountable to the people in your life. Give them authentic answers when you are asked: “How are you?” “What can I pray for you?” If done right your community will be a tremendous source of joy and will be a springboard for life transformation.
  3. Lead a Faith Group – Andy Stanley said: “Your greatest contribution to the kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise.” As singles, we have the time to raise twelve (12) people that who will be trained to love God (Matthew 22:37) above all else and follow Him all the way right away (Deuteronomy 11:1).


Being a“Good and Faithful Servant” will be our greatest achievement. Start by reaching out to three people who need God most. Share to all of them your time, talent and treasure. Make it your goal is to raise them to be Jesus’ disciples.

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