We Lead People to an ENCOUNTER where they meet with God, to EDUCATE them to be Christlike Disciples, & to EMPOWER them to be Cell, Ministry, and Church Leaders.



Faithful Jesus Church believes in the vision that “Everyone a leader who loves God and leads cells.” To grow the leader we have a simple system by which every member undergoes so that they will become future leaders. The system is called P.E.P.S.O.L.


In order to grow more in his relationship with the Lord, a new believer is encouraged to attend an Encounter. In preparation for the Encounter, he first needs to attend a Pre-Encounter Party where he will understand the importance and full benefits of knowing God more and encountering Him.


It is a one-night and two-day spiritual experience wherein a new believer would know more about himself, other people and God. It is the place where he will understand the power of the cross and the blood of Jesus. FREEDOM. To be set free from all of the bondages of sin in his life and to receive the forgiveness and grace of the Father. FIRE. To develop more passion and hunger for God and to keep the altar of his life always burning for the Lord. FOCUS. To receive vision and direction from God and to fix his eyes towards Christlikeness and multiplication.


The Post-Encounter will help a person who has encountered the Lord gain more firmness in his commitment to serve and live for God. It is where he will be equipped with the Word of God to fight against the temptations and attacks of the enemy. It is also the place where he will learn how to relate with other people as a new believer and how to live a victorious life by overcoming problems.


The main objective of this level of training is not to provide a wealth of information, but to form efficient leaders founded on the basics of salvation, prayer, baptism, faith, and the Holy Spirit. The lessons for this level are “…not designed for the students to become theologians, rather for them to have an effective tool to make disciples and to implement the vision.” (Cesar Castellanos)


The main objective of this level of training is to train the leader in the vision of growth–the cellular vision. In this level, the leader learns the structure and development of a cell, and the process of raising a team of leaders out of a cell group. This training also equips the leader in intercession, evangelism, and service.


It is a one-night and two-day spiritual retreat wherein the leader will be able to discover his ultimate purpose for the Kingdom of God. Here’s is where will realize his calling as one of the Miraculous Five (M5). The M5 are Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher for the sole purpose of serving and glorifying God.


School of Leaders 3 is all about leadership. The main objective of this class is to “endow every person that is willing to b used by God in the vision of cells and in the model of twelve.” It would help students develop an effective leadership that contributes to the strengthening of the leader’s ministry and the growth of the Church. This class would equip them with the character of Christ in winning and consolidating people.

If a member commits his/her life to these trainings he will soon become a leader of cells, ministry and even church. The P.E.P.S.O.L. is our guarantee of producing the next generation leaders who will conquer great lands for the Lord Jesus Christ. Thus, everyone is encouraged to complete every training level so that the process of discipleship will be fulfilled.